How Hard is it to Remember That You are Having COFFEE at STARBUCKS?

2008 did not end well for me.  I was laid off right before Thanksgiving and spent December in a failure-induced depression.

Right before the layoff, things had fallen apart with Mr. Titspervert.  Being the mature adult that I am, I immediately unfriended him on Facebook and took him out of my phone.

About a week later, he emailed me about wanting to talk and “clear the air,” so I agreed.  He suggested we meet at Starbucks one evening.  Of course, the day of, he emailed me again because he couldn’t remember that we were meeting for coffee.  At Starbucks.  Which he suggested.

I tell Katie this, and she drops the brilliant line that is now the title of this post.  Unfortunately, Starbucks turned into the bar across the street, and instead of clearing the air, everything became more muddled.  Also, I am pretty sure he walked me home and unhooked my bra as he was hugging me goodnight.  Nothing but class, I tell you.

I am person who is all about closure.  I need it.  I embrace it.  With Mr. Titspervert, I never really got it – and that’s okay, because we weren’t a good fit for many reasons, and now he is engaged to a lovely girl, and I’m happy for them.

But in the thick of it, in 2008, it was agonizing to deal with that AND the layoff at the same time.

I look back and wonder why I was so clueless.  But in my old age, I’m thankful for all the experiences I’ve had.  It can only help me.


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