What is the POINT?

I seriously do not understand the point of All-Star games.  In MLB, the league winner secures home field advantage for the World Series, but in every other sport, it’s completely meaningless.

It’s seriously a popularity contest.  It reminds me of when I consented to being nominated to represent the Drama Club for Homecoming Queen and no one voted for me.

Even if you can argue and say the games ARE based on talent – it’s really based on talent AND popularity.  And since the games are truly meaningless, I think they should be eliminated entirely.  Just rest up and work towards a championship.  No one cares if Blake Griffin can dunk over a Volkswagen (at least I don’t).

Anyway, moving on…

It’s been 100+ degrees here all week.  Or I guess today is the third day in a row that we will exceed 100, but it FEELS like it’s been 100+ for the past week.  My apartment does not have A/C.  It hasn’t really been a problem up until maybe a week ago.

I have ceiling fans, which have been doing the job up until now, and I bought three small fans that are barely doing anything.  I need to get at least one window unit, but I haven’t had time, although at this point I will need to make time because drowning in my own sweat seems like a really unpleasant way to die.

This is by far the hottest summer we’ve had in Chicago since I’ve lived here.

I took the bus four blocks to Starbucks this morning because it’s too hot to walk.  Katie and I are supposed to run ten miles tomorrow morning, but at this point I’d rather just lie in a dark room with ice on my forehead.  Sounds WAY better.

Wish us luck.




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