I was just on DListed and there is a post about celebrities under 30 who made the most money from May 2011-May 2012 (put together by Forbes, of course).  The full list is below, and I copied and pasted from DListed because he has the BEST nicknames for people:

1. Taylor Squint, 22 – $57 million
2. The Lesbeaver, 18 – $55 million
3. RiRi, 24 – $53 million
4. Lady CaCa, 26 – $52 million
5. Katy Perry, 27 – $45 million
6. Adele, 24 – $35 million
7. Kristen Stewart, 22 – $34.5 million
8. Lil Wayne, 29 – $27 million
9. Taylor Lautner, 20 – $26.5 million
9. RPattz, 26 – $26.5 million

Justin Bieber made $55 million dollars in a year?  Really?

That’s a lot of eenie meenie miney mo loving.

Also – this is beyond depressing.  I’m older than all of these people and my net worth is in the negatives, I’m fairly certain.  When people who at one point or another make this much money and then blow it all on heroin and  hookers only to become broke and forced to headline a ten-year old’s birthday party just so they can pay the rent in their cracked out studio get absolutely ZERO sympathy from me.  $55 million in a year is enough to set you for life.  So how celebrities like this wind up broke is beyond me.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I am going to cry at my desk.


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