What to do When Twitter Goes Down

Since Twitter is down right now, and has been for almost two hours, I decided to put together a coping mechanism of what we can all do the next time this happens.

  • Actual work, people:  Raise your hand if you’re guilty of running a Twitter client all day at work, checking incessantly, periodically, or once a month, if you’re Sarah!  We all are.  I’d like to think all of us can multitask, and our productivity won’t take a hit, but when the site is down for more than ten seconds, the ensuing world-wide stoppage begs to differ.
  • Catch up on some reading:  We rely on Twitter for all our breaking news – let’s be honest.  How many of you have completely stopped even going to web pages like CNN for news?  Remember that favorite blog you haven’t read in six months?  Have at it.  Twitter may be done, but the rest of the WWW isn’t (we hope)!
  • Update your blog with a meaningless list
  • Remind people that wasting time worrying about the fall of KStew & RPatt speaks to the kind of society we live in now:  Wait, what?  As I was taking my own advice on the reading suggestion, all I could see anywhere is stupid story after story of that trick from Twilight flashing her lady business to a married man and now her boyfriend is moving out.  Snore.  Could not care less.  Also, for those of you who wish you had fame and fortune, this is a good example of privacy being worth a lot more.  Not that I feel bad for her, she brought this on herself – but going through this being watched by the entire country sounds somewhat less fun than say, having to read the Twilight trilogy followed by 50 Shades of Grey (followed by gouging your eyes out because you just read 4,000 pages of total garbage).
  • Rejoice when Twitter starts working again.

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