What’s in a name?

Sarah is adopting a cat – that beauty that you see to your left!!  She’s getting her tonight and was asking for name suggestions.  Here’s what I threw at her:

A.J. Catzinski (denied with a vengeance)


Brady Gaga

Jay Catler (I kind of want a cat now just to name it that)

Peyton Catting

Amanda Pacer (ORIGINAL 90210 reference)

Andrea Zuckerman

Peachy McPitter

We’ll see what winds up sticking tonight (though I suspect it will be none of the above).  She likes to be held and hugged and is very playful – so while that may apply to Lindsay Lohan, naming her that would be feline abuse.


Millionaire Matchmaker

Earlier this evening, I saw on Twitter that Millionaire Matchmaker is (presumably) coming to Chicago.  Patti Stanger tweeted that she was looking for single Chicago gals ages 25-40.

Now, let me be clear:  first of all, I watch very little, if any, reality TV.  The Real Housewives of Shut the Fuck Up?  Couldn’t care less.  Jersey Shore?  Why would I waste my time watching people willingly contract STDs?  Keeping up With the Kardashians?  Okay, I DID watch that at one point because they’re all so vapid it was more an exercise in trying to figure out why exactly they’re famous.

However, I love MM.  I am not sure why – I think it’s partly Patti’s tough love approach and that the traditional rules of dating still apply (stop texting!  don’t drink too much!  make sure you have the same morals!) and it’s fascinating to watch people break her rules and have what she warns them will happen actually happen.

Anywho, of course I sent an email to them with my picture, because why wouldn’t I?  I’m not looking to marry someone rich so much as I’ve exhausted all other options – every online dating site (except Chat Roulette), meeting friends of friends, randoms at a bar, co-workers, blasts from the past who just got married, homeless men, etc.  So, why not throw my hat in the ring for this?  If anything, it’s a chance to plug the book!


Analyzing My Two Fantasy Football Teams

I am participating in two fantasy football leagues this year for the first time since ever.  I tried this once in 2004 but used my first draft pick on Clinton Portis and it was all downhill from there.  I came in dead last and have avoided it ever since.  But, this year, I’ve been sucked into two different ones, both through Yahoo! (which drafted for me since I apparently cannot be trusted) so I figured I’d provide a breakdown/analysis since I’m obviously going to win both leagues (yeah, right).

Team One:  Vick in a Box

QB: Drew Brees – Woohoo!  A top-5 QB!  Second to only Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady!  (wait…what?).  Threw for 5,476 yards and 46 touchdowns last season.  Just signed a bajillion dollar contract.  Seems legit!!  I couldn’t possibly lose one game with such a stud behind center.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald – Another steal!  Both Pro Football Weekly and National Football Post have him as the #2 WR in the (fantasy) league. Plus, he represents the Big East before it fell into ruins and had to beg for San Diego State to join.  Solid option!!

WR: Brandon Marshall – Were he still with the Dolphins, this would make me dry heave into a paper bag, but since the Bears have reunited him with Jay Cutler, I see a lot of receptions in his 2012 future.  It’s like Yahoo KNOWS me.

WR: Jeremy Maclin:  Never heard of him.  Played for Missouri, is with the Eagles, had six TD receptions last season.  PFW has him ranked #32.  I’d rather not.  Can I trade him for one of the Alabama WRs?  Yes, no, maybe?

RB: Arian Foster – BOO-YA!  #1 baby

RB: Adrian Peterson – This would hurt less if he didn’t play for the Vikings.  Gag.

TE: Antonio Gates – Okay, maybe I’m starting to see why I should not be allowed to draft.  With the exception of Marshall, I would not have picked any of these guys, and the more “research I do” (as in, looking at their rankings and nothing else) the more I realize this is a GREAT team.  AND  I didn’t even pre-rank players before the draft.  How do you like THEM apples?

PK: Mason Crosby- Another top 5/6 player.

DEF: Baltimore (Alternate: Seattle)

Bench:  Kenny Britt (WR), Michael Vick (QB and WEIRD given the team name), Frank Gore (RB and representing DA U), Vincent Jackson (WR), Brandon Pettigrew (TE)

Team Two:  Brady Gaga

QB: Matt Stafford – I guess.  I told one of my colleagues I was less than thrilled with this and he was all, “are you kidding?”  I guess I was??  I think it’s just because I don’t like the Lions or Ndakiaijqeakmfasd BeatsEveryoneUp.

WR: Roddy White

WR: Hakeem Nicks

–Here I’ve been blessed with two top-10 WRs even though Hakeem Nicks DOES play for the Giants, a team that IS my arch-nemesis for what they’ve done to the Patriots (TWICE) in the Super Bowl.

WR: Miles Austin – I suppose the odds were nearly impossible for me to NOT get a football player who hasn’t slept with Kim Kardashian.

RB: LeSean McCoy – Rushed for 17 TDs last season.  I can dig it.

RB: Ryan Mathews – Fine

TE: Fred Davis – Fine

W/R/T: Maurice Jones-Drew – Fine

PK: Mason Crosby – wait, really?  Again??  Where’s the variety, YAHOO!???

DEF: Pittsburgh (Alternate: Seattle)

Bench: Kenny Britt (AGAIN? WR), Michel Vick (QB and wait, is this a JOKE???), Roy Helu (RB), Robert Meachem (WR), Sidney Rice (WR), Owen Daniels (TE)

In conclusion, the developers at Yahoo! built a much better system for drafting than I ever could.  Should be interesting to see how my teams do.  Expect weekly updates!  (not really)



I’ve made a life changing decision.  Groundbreaking.  No one else has ever taken such a risk before…

I have decided to boycott text messaging!

Now, before Verizon starts to panic, allow me to elaborate.

I am boycotting text messaging as it pertains to courting.

I cannot remember the last time a guy called me to ask me out on a date rather than texting me.

(Actually, I can.  But it ended it disaster.  You can read about it in chapter 43 of “A Series of Very Bad Decisions,” entitled Before We Have Sex, You Need to Shave.)

We ALL rely on text messaging as a flirting mechanism WAY TOO MUCH.  And it needs to stop.  We rely on it so much that we go to a bar and meet a dude who asks for our number and five days later he texts “yo” and the next thing we know we’re planning our wedding before we realize we haven’t spoken to this person since meeting him.

Don’t get me wrong – I love texting.  It’s so convenient.  Sometimes you’re at a bar and it’s loud and the table next to you is full of asshole Buckeye fans that keep screaming “O-H-I-O” so you’re not exactly able to talk to people so yes, I agree that it’s important.

But – when you meet someone and all they want to do is TEXT you – that’s where I draw the line (or, am as of now).

Texting is our ultimate crutch.  Instead of actually CALLING someone that we’d like to date, we hide behind the “SEND SMS” feature that we all have on our phones.

Okay – listen.  I’m sure that if you’re knocked on your ass crazy in love with someone, the thought of calling them can be scary.  But, what is the point of taking risks if you don’t take risks?  Wait, what am I talking about?

Here’s the thing:  When I was seven or eight, I called my uncle’s then girlfriend (now wife) at her apartment, when I knew my uncle was there, to ask to speak to him, and then subsequently ask him when he was going to propose.  I have apparently been making inappropriate phone calls since 1989, so calling up a dude to ask him on a date is no big deal to me.

All we’re asking for is effort.  Example:  My friend Jerod is dating a lovely girl and is making sure she KNOWS he’s interested.  For example:  we’re all in line to get into the Kennedy museum when she texts him to tell him she finished her last final.  What does he do?  He CALLS her to tell her how proud of her his is.  Okay, let’s review- she texted him and he called her.  A simple gesture that probably meant a lot and showed her how interested he was.  How is this rocket science?

Now you’re probably thinking: “if you like someone, why don’t you call HIM, dumbass?”  Well – joke is on you because I did and nothing happened.

So my new experiment is to not respond to solicitous text messages.  If that means I have to sit at home on a Friday night watching the Golden Girls, well, I’d probably be doing that anyway.  I’m just tired of us hiding behind a keypad.   Before texting and cell phones, we had to make an actual effort – why are we so opposed to doing that now?

Coming Full Circle? (Rated R)

I spend way too much time reading gossip blogs and People.com and way too little time focusing on things that, you know, actually matter (politics, my marathon training, learning how to cook or something).   Why do I CARE about these things?  I really shouldn’t.

My favorite gossip blog is DListed because Michael K is a hilarious, snarky bitch, whereas People is notorious for being homerous suck-ups that never say anything negative so as not to miss an “exclusive” scoop.


Kim (Kardashian), kindly suck on a giant Shut The Fuck Up. I’ll paint it black if that helps.


(Talking about a blind item involving a newly married singer that cheated on his wife right before the wedding):

I’m going to guess this is Michael Buble, because every time I see him I’m convinced his crotch smells like the Little Trees car freshener he rubs down there so his wife won’t get a nostril full of eau de side ho.


Patients in Los Angeles-area hospitals suffering from severe constipation and extreme vomit phobias were transported to the premiere of New Year’s Eve Apocalypse Eve at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre last night for five reasons: Lea Michele, Ashton Kutcher, Katherine Heigl, Fuggie Fug and Josh Duhamel (or as their known in the medical community: suppository, douche, enema, diuretic and activated charcoal).


(He was writing about how Brangelina took their child army to see Harry Potter in London, but rented out the whole theater for themselves):

Couldn’t they have ordered DanRad and the rest of the kids to their 45-room castle to perform that shit for them live in their ballroom? Cheap!


(Talking about Lindsay Lohan’s outfit):

Just slip a pair of platform flip-flops on HoHan and she’d look exactly like a sun-damaged day-shift hooker trying to trade handjobs for a gram outside of a Super 8 in Gainesville, FL.

Now, let’s look at the some of the lead headlines on People.com:

Jolie-Pitt Family Heads to France for Toys, Pizza, Fun! –> Yes, please let me read about children who get to buy out toy stores and travel the world.

PHOTO: John Mayer Chops His Hair! –> Well, he NEEDED to because he looked like he was homeless and hadn’t showered in six months, but he also has 400 STDs and a hair cut won’t disguise that he’s still gross.

Snooki Gives Birth to a Boy –> Dear lord WHO allowed this woman to procreate??

I mean, really.  None of this matters.  I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t care enough to care that I care.

Since reading about things like the gross incompetence of the US Congress, the crime in Chicago, the bankruptcy of Chicago, or the record of the Chicago Cubs is FAR too depressing, it’s easier to bury myself in the world of meaningless celebrity gossip that for some reason garners millions in yearly ad revenue for the sites that report on this nonsense.

In terms of needing to escape from reality, I could certainly have far worse habits, but really:  my marathon training is in ruins.  HELP!!!

Assuming the White Sox are Going to Make the Playoffs at This Point is Like…

“Planning the wedding for a guy you’ve been dating for two months. Things are looking good, but it’s still way too early to plan.” So says my friend Melissa, and I had to share her brilliant analogy. Although, wait, you’re not supposed to plan a wedding after you’ve been dating someone for two months? This is news to me! (Kidding, people. I’m kidding).

Anyway. Melissa has a point, only because even though the White Sox are leading the AL Central, almost everyone is still conceding the division to those pesky Tigers.

Also, Mel suggested that I write a whole book about why baseball is like dating but I don’t think I know enough about, as Hawk would call them, “the good ole’ fundamentals” (beyond the obvious and overused strike-out/home-run analogies) to do so.

I could give it a shot though.

Why Baseball is Like Dating:

  • The strike zone will change depending on who you ask — I’ve seen umpires magically change their strike zones (no I am NOT implying favoritism, how dare you) and the same can be said for dating prospects – depending on who you’re with, one date might knock it out of the park while the next one might ricochet the ball off his/her foot and have to go on the disabled list.  Wait, I went from talking about the strike zone to hitting foul balls?  See how I’m proving my earlier point (reference: fundamentals, I know nothing about)
  • Everything is going great until it’s not…or something — You know how you can be on a really great date (or up 9-0 in a baseball game) and then you blink and it’s three weeks later and you haven’t heard from the person (or wound up losing 15-9)?  Yeah.
  • It’s important to be able to close — I don’t need to elaborate on this one, do I?
  • You have to be in control – one thing I’m learning is that pitchers need to have command of their pitch location, i.e. control (I think, bear with me people).  When Philip Humber is off on his pitch location, Detroit will hit four HRs off him in an inning.  It’s also important to exercise and maintain control in the early stages of dating.  And I don’t mean control as in controlling the other person, I mean more along the lines of the self-control option (like refraining from rushing home after a first date and calling to leave a VM including the top 10 things that happened on that date while simultaneously friend requesting them on Facebook.  Take a step back and wonder how that will affect whether or not you get a second date).
  • When times get tough, don’t give up!  (This specifically pertains to last night’s scrappy yet much-needed 9-6 victory over the Yankees).
  • I have now given up on coming up with additional analogies.


Well, that didn’t work

Trying to not obsess about the White Sox lasted approximately .7 seconds, but it’s the effort that counts, right??

I’m about to hit the gym and find a treadmill where I can watch the game, with volume (!!) because I pay enough to belong to FFC so I might as well take advantages on the mini-TVs on each machine.  Ladies, am I right?

How could I not be 100% engaged when I am seeing tweets like this from the team’s handle?

#WhiteSox Storylines: @adamdunn_32 has 399 career HR; A.J. owns 16-game hitting streak;#WhiteSox are season-high tying 12 games over .500

Would be great to see Dunner get #400, A.J. get another hit and the team get to 13 games over .500.  Okay so we’re not the Nats or the Reds, but pretty much every season preview I read had us in the AL cellar all season – below the Twins even!  So it’s nice to see success.

Robin Ventura has been a great manager.  Ozzie was too over-dramatic, all about himself, and didn’t give a shit about the team.  RV is the exact opposite of that – calm, committed, unselfish.  The one thing I don’t get, however, is why he was complaining that we were relying on HRs to score and subsequently switched the batting order so that we’d hit more singles (which incidentally worked).  Can someone who knows more about baseball than I do please explain the logic behind this and how it was successful?  Kthxbye.

I Need a New Hobby

Over the past couple of months, I have been focusing very heavily on the White Sox and their success this season.  I’ve never really followed a baseball team through an entire season before, and it’s EXHAUSTING (and by exhausting I mean looking up stats on baseball-reference.com at 3:30 in the morning to see how many regular season games the eventual World Series winner typically loses.  I know, I know.).

Not only is it exhausting, it’s also stressful! (But fun!)

For example:  Last night’s 11-inning loss to the Blue Jays.  First of all – no.  The Blue Jays are NOT good.  Second of all, the Rogers Centre was basically empty last night so Toronto fans should be ashamed of themselves.  Third of all, at least Detroit lost, somehow, to the Twins (or I SHOULD say the Twins SOMEHOW beat Detroit) – either way, our two-game lead in the AL Central remains intact.  I mean, I probably shouldn’t panic.  Hell, the Yankees just lost to the Blue Jays and they are sort of my gauge for these types of things, as much as I hate to admit that.

This isn’t college football, where teams cannot win a championship unless they lose zero times (or one time, tops, and get help from janky computer systems that make me stabby because Michigan should have played for the national championship over Florida in 2006 but whatever, I’m not bitter).

Baseball is a strange, strange game.  We swept the Rangers in June but then got swept by Detroit, which lost two of three to the Blue Jays AND Red Sox, neither of which are strong teams this year.  Anyone can win or lose at any given time, and unless you’re 30-games over .500 like the Nationals, anything can happen to the season.  By no means do we have a vice grip on our division lead and it’s ours to lose.

That being said – I need a new focus because I can’t handle this type of stress.  I should just sit back and enjoy the wins since last season was so awful but this is ME we’re talking about and we all know there is a better chance of ESPN NOT mentioning Tim Tebow for at least an hour than me calming the hell down when it comes to my teams.

My marathon training has been in ruins since it’s been so hot this summer so I’m trying to get back on track before I wind up crawling it.

Now would also be a good time to resurrect the book project.  Let’s see if I can go an entire week without obsessing about sports.  Annnnnd, GO!!


I haven’t updated this thing in forever because life has been pretty hectic and I haven’t been able to add much to my book, either.

Marathon training has been a struggle because it’s been seven billion degrees all summer, time is going by way too quickly and I’m starting to panic in general about that.  I wish we could just slow it all down and take a minute to quite literally smell the roses (or go back to June so I could start over on my training program…either/or).

Pre-season football starts tonight.  Why is it that no matter what we do, summer flies by?  One minute we’re kicking it off with Memorial Day (and my birthday, because it’s all about me) and the next thing I know, I blink and I’m screaming at the TV over a botched pass interference call in the middle of October (after it takes me 8hrs to finish the marathon, of course).

I apologize for this inane post with absolutely no point – work is my main focus right now (and the White Sox.  Can they stay ahead of Detroit?  Will I survive September/October?).

I promise, my dear tens of readers, to post something witty and interesting shortly – as soon as Sunday since I’m attending the Sox-A’s game and it will surely be a stressful one (if they start Flowers over AJ, Dunn can’t find his swing and the pitcher gives up 4 HRs in the first three innings).


Things that make me ill

Twilight – bad writing, shitty concept, author is a multi-millionaire

50 Shades of Grey – Twilight fan fiction, which = worse writing than Twilight, masochistic porn, author is multi-millionaire

People & US Weekly’s incessant coverage of Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattison and the ensuing fallout – who cares?

The fact that 50 Shades of Grey is going to be a movie.  If I wanted to watch porn, I could find it online for free (so I am told by just about every dude I know).

ESPN’s Teboner and how they cover all things Jets now, regardless of a little thing called the OLYMPICS.

Matt Snyder, CBSSports.com Baseball Blogger giving the AL Central to the Tigers and the two wild cards to the Rangers and Athletics.  Why is no one giving the White Sox a shot?  Yes, the bullpen can be shaky at times, but I think the talent is there.  Plus we’ve owned the Rangers this season, but then again, what do I know?