Things that make me ill

Twilight – bad writing, shitty concept, author is a multi-millionaire

50 Shades of Grey – Twilight fan fiction, which = worse writing than Twilight, masochistic porn, author is multi-millionaire

People & US Weekly’s incessant coverage of Kristen Stewart cheating on Robert Pattison and the ensuing fallout – who cares?

The fact that 50 Shades of Grey is going to be a movie.  If I wanted to watch porn, I could find it online for free (so I am told by just about every dude I know).

ESPN’s Teboner and how they cover all things Jets now, regardless of a little thing called the OLYMPICS.

Matt Snyder, Baseball Blogger giving the AL Central to the Tigers and the two wild cards to the Rangers and Athletics.  Why is no one giving the White Sox a shot?  Yes, the bullpen can be shaky at times, but I think the talent is there.  Plus we’ve owned the Rangers this season, but then again, what do I know?




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