I haven’t updated this thing in forever because life has been pretty hectic and I haven’t been able to add much to my book, either.

Marathon training has been a struggle because it’s been seven billion degrees all summer, time is going by way too quickly and I’m starting to panic in general about that.  I wish we could just slow it all down and take a minute to quite literally smell the roses (or go back to June so I could start over on my training program…either/or).

Pre-season football starts tonight.  Why is it that no matter what we do, summer flies by?  One minute we’re kicking it off with Memorial Day (and my birthday, because it’s all about me) and the next thing I know, I blink and I’m screaming at the TV over a botched pass interference call in the middle of October (after it takes me 8hrs to finish the marathon, of course).

I apologize for this inane post with absolutely no point – work is my main focus right now (and the White Sox.  Can they stay ahead of Detroit?  Will I survive September/October?).

I promise, my dear tens of readers, to post something witty and interesting shortly – as soon as Sunday since I’m attending the Sox-A’s game and it will surely be a stressful one (if they start Flowers over AJ, Dunn can’t find his swing and the pitcher gives up 4 HRs in the first three innings).



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