I Need a New Hobby

Over the past couple of months, I have been focusing very heavily on the White Sox and their success this season.  I’ve never really followed a baseball team through an entire season before, and it’s EXHAUSTING (and by exhausting I mean looking up stats on baseball-reference.com at 3:30 in the morning to see how many regular season games the eventual World Series winner typically loses.  I know, I know.).

Not only is it exhausting, it’s also stressful! (But fun!)

For example:  Last night’s 11-inning loss to the Blue Jays.  First of all – no.  The Blue Jays are NOT good.  Second of all, the Rogers Centre was basically empty last night so Toronto fans should be ashamed of themselves.  Third of all, at least Detroit lost, somehow, to the Twins (or I SHOULD say the Twins SOMEHOW beat Detroit) – either way, our two-game lead in the AL Central remains intact.  I mean, I probably shouldn’t panic.  Hell, the Yankees just lost to the Blue Jays and they are sort of my gauge for these types of things, as much as I hate to admit that.

This isn’t college football, where teams cannot win a championship unless they lose zero times (or one time, tops, and get help from janky computer systems that make me stabby because Michigan should have played for the national championship over Florida in 2006 but whatever, I’m not bitter).

Baseball is a strange, strange game.  We swept the Rangers in June but then got swept by Detroit, which lost two of three to the Blue Jays AND Red Sox, neither of which are strong teams this year.  Anyone can win or lose at any given time, and unless you’re 30-games over .500 like the Nationals, anything can happen to the season.  By no means do we have a vice grip on our division lead and it’s ours to lose.

That being said – I need a new focus because I can’t handle this type of stress.  I should just sit back and enjoy the wins since last season was so awful but this is ME we’re talking about and we all know there is a better chance of ESPN NOT mentioning Tim Tebow for at least an hour than me calming the hell down when it comes to my teams.

My marathon training has been in ruins since it’s been so hot this summer so I’m trying to get back on track before I wind up crawling it.

Now would also be a good time to resurrect the book project.  Let’s see if I can go an entire week without obsessing about sports.  Annnnnd, GO!!


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