Well, that didn’t work

Trying to not obsess about the White Sox lasted approximately .7 seconds, but it’s the effort that counts, right??

I’m about to hit the gym and find a treadmill where I can watch the game, with volume (!!) because I pay enough to belong to FFC so I might as well take advantages on the mini-TVs on each machine.  Ladies, am I right?

How could I not be 100% engaged when I am seeing tweets like this from the team’s handle?

#WhiteSox Storylines: @adamdunn_32 has 399 career HR; A.J. owns 16-game hitting streak;#WhiteSox are season-high tying 12 games over .500

Would be great to see Dunner get #400, A.J. get another hit and the team get to 13 games over .500.  Okay so we’re not the Nats or the Reds, but pretty much every season preview I read had us in the AL cellar all season – below the Twins even!  So it’s nice to see success.

Robin Ventura has been a great manager.  Ozzie was too over-dramatic, all about himself, and didn’t give a shit about the team.  RV is the exact opposite of that – calm, committed, unselfish.  The one thing I don’t get, however, is why he was complaining that we were relying on HRs to score and subsequently switched the batting order so that we’d hit more singles (which incidentally worked).  Can someone who knows more about baseball than I do please explain the logic behind this and how it was successful?  Kthxbye.


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