Analyzing My Two Fantasy Football Teams

I am participating in two fantasy football leagues this year for the first time since ever.  I tried this once in 2004 but used my first draft pick on Clinton Portis and it was all downhill from there.  I came in dead last and have avoided it ever since.  But, this year, I’ve been sucked into two different ones, both through Yahoo! (which drafted for me since I apparently cannot be trusted) so I figured I’d provide a breakdown/analysis since I’m obviously going to win both leagues (yeah, right).

Team One:  Vick in a Box

QB: Drew Brees – Woohoo!  A top-5 QB!  Second to only Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady!  (wait…what?).  Threw for 5,476 yards and 46 touchdowns last season.  Just signed a bajillion dollar contract.  Seems legit!!  I couldn’t possibly lose one game with such a stud behind center.

WR: Larry Fitzgerald – Another steal!  Both Pro Football Weekly and National Football Post have him as the #2 WR in the (fantasy) league. Plus, he represents the Big East before it fell into ruins and had to beg for San Diego State to join.  Solid option!!

WR: Brandon Marshall – Were he still with the Dolphins, this would make me dry heave into a paper bag, but since the Bears have reunited him with Jay Cutler, I see a lot of receptions in his 2012 future.  It’s like Yahoo KNOWS me.

WR: Jeremy Maclin:  Never heard of him.  Played for Missouri, is with the Eagles, had six TD receptions last season.  PFW has him ranked #32.  I’d rather not.  Can I trade him for one of the Alabama WRs?  Yes, no, maybe?

RB: Arian Foster – BOO-YA!  #1 baby

RB: Adrian Peterson – This would hurt less if he didn’t play for the Vikings.  Gag.

TE: Antonio Gates – Okay, maybe I’m starting to see why I should not be allowed to draft.  With the exception of Marshall, I would not have picked any of these guys, and the more “research I do” (as in, looking at their rankings and nothing else) the more I realize this is a GREAT team.  AND  I didn’t even pre-rank players before the draft.  How do you like THEM apples?

PK: Mason Crosby- Another top 5/6 player.

DEF: Baltimore (Alternate: Seattle)

Bench:  Kenny Britt (WR), Michael Vick (QB and WEIRD given the team name), Frank Gore (RB and representing DA U), Vincent Jackson (WR), Brandon Pettigrew (TE)

Team Two:  Brady Gaga

QB: Matt Stafford – I guess.  I told one of my colleagues I was less than thrilled with this and he was all, “are you kidding?”  I guess I was??  I think it’s just because I don’t like the Lions or Ndakiaijqeakmfasd BeatsEveryoneUp.

WR: Roddy White

WR: Hakeem Nicks

–Here I’ve been blessed with two top-10 WRs even though Hakeem Nicks DOES play for the Giants, a team that IS my arch-nemesis for what they’ve done to the Patriots (TWICE) in the Super Bowl.

WR: Miles Austin – I suppose the odds were nearly impossible for me to NOT get a football player who hasn’t slept with Kim Kardashian.

RB: LeSean McCoy – Rushed for 17 TDs last season.  I can dig it.

RB: Ryan Mathews – Fine

TE: Fred Davis – Fine

W/R/T: Maurice Jones-Drew – Fine

PK: Mason Crosby – wait, really?  Again??  Where’s the variety, YAHOO!???

DEF: Pittsburgh (Alternate: Seattle)

Bench: Kenny Britt (AGAIN? WR), Michel Vick (QB and wait, is this a JOKE???), Roy Helu (RB), Robert Meachem (WR), Sidney Rice (WR), Owen Daniels (TE)

In conclusion, the developers at Yahoo! built a much better system for drafting than I ever could.  Should be interesting to see how my teams do.  Expect weekly updates!  (not really)



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