Millionaire Matchmaker

Earlier this evening, I saw on Twitter that Millionaire Matchmaker is (presumably) coming to Chicago.  Patti Stanger tweeted that she was looking for single Chicago gals ages 25-40.

Now, let me be clear:  first of all, I watch very little, if any, reality TV.  The Real Housewives of Shut the Fuck Up?  Couldn’t care less.  Jersey Shore?  Why would I waste my time watching people willingly contract STDs?  Keeping up With the Kardashians?  Okay, I DID watch that at one point because they’re all so vapid it was more an exercise in trying to figure out why exactly they’re famous.

However, I love MM.  I am not sure why – I think it’s partly Patti’s tough love approach and that the traditional rules of dating still apply (stop texting!  don’t drink too much!  make sure you have the same morals!) and it’s fascinating to watch people break her rules and have what she warns them will happen actually happen.

Anywho, of course I sent an email to them with my picture, because why wouldn’t I?  I’m not looking to marry someone rich so much as I’ve exhausted all other options – every online dating site (except Chat Roulette), meeting friends of friends, randoms at a bar, co-workers, blasts from the past who just got married, homeless men, etc.  So, why not throw my hat in the ring for this?  If anything, it’s a chance to plug the book!



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