Once Again, Someone Beat Me To It

Yesterday when news broke that Amy Poehler and Will Arnet were ending their marriage, my Twitter and Facebook feeds exploded with various levels of devastation and people proclaiming that love no longer existed.  Really?  Did you know Will and Amy personally?  Did you attend their wedding, break one of your heels doing the Macarena and pass out on top of your bed in your full wedding attire but not before drunkenly making out with Will’s cousin Bill while declaring they were the greatest couple of all time?  Because unless you did, then really, you need to gain some perspective here.

Well Jezebel caught on to this ridiculousness and blessed us with the following blog about How to Survive the Demise of Your Favorite Celebrity Couple.  It could not be more condescending or sarcastic towards the group taking this personally, but is beyond hilarious – treating this breakup as you would your own personal devastation.  It is what I was thinking, but never wrote.

Similarly, some time ago, my friend Katie sent me a link to a hilarious and brilliantly amazing blog post entitled, here is what I hate about dating, which is everything I’ve ever thought but never written.  I read it and laughed so hard that a cried.

So basically, the next time I even have the faintest of thoughts about something to write, I’m just going to fucking write it.

Cheers to the weekend, people.


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