Taylor Swift is Hilarious

People.com’s top story right now is about how Taylor Swift falls in love easily.  I think we all knew that already, but fine.  It’s early, I needed some light reading material to go with my coffee, so I decided to bite.

The excerpts are hilarious and just…I don’t even know what.

I can’t fault the girl for writing about her heartache (hello, premise of my book) – but she’s only 22 so it’s hard for me to take gems like this seriously:

The songstress believes in love “even after it explodes into a million pieces and burns down and you’re standing in a pile of the ash of what it once was thinking, ‘Why did I have to meet this person, why did this have to happen?’ “

That’s maybe not the most eloquent analogy I’ve ever heard, but I do understand the sentiment well.  Once something falls apart you are indeed left wondering why, but it usually involves liquor and an angry blog post rather than, say, a #1 single.

She goes on to say:  “But then, when you make eye contact with someone across the room and it clicks and, bam, you’re there. In love again,” she says.

Ummm, okay.  That’s adorable.  I fell in love via eye contact once a week when I was 22, so I get it.

And then my favorite:  “But music is absolutely everything that I am and everything that I stand for. It’s not my fault if someone gets into a relationship with me and then cheats and I write a song about it.”

First of all the whole “if someone gets into a relationship with me” thing makes it sound like it’s all on the guy and she has no say or control over herself or her choices.  Second of all, the cheating thing – I guess just the way she words it is odd – like maybe that’s the only reason all of her past relationships have ended?  Or she’s just singling someone out.  (P.S. Do you remember Singled Out on MTV?  I miss that show.  Also, can we discuss Jenny McCarthy’s hair?)

Now that I’ve gone completely off topic, have a nice Monday!


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