As I was saying…

In case you didn’t know – I hate The Bachelor.  

Yesterday, one of the most recent couples broke up – Ben something and Courtney something else.

Let this little tidbit of info sink in:

For those keeping score, after 16 seasons of The Bachelor, and seven seasons of The Bachelorette, only three couples are still together.

I can’t even name the three!  Jason and Molly is one, but he didn’t even pick her in the final ceremony, he picked Melissa, and then broke up with her on national TV.  That’s class, right there.  I know the other couple is Trista & Ryan.  I guess the most recent Bachelorette and her dude haven’t technically broken up, but it’s coming!

My friends Shannon and Kevin had a great idea though – when season 17 starts, I am going to blog about it.  Actually watch the whole season and provide episode recaps with an “amazing journey” counter.  (Apparently they say that a lot).

I think it’s a great idea – not because I think this season will be different, but to prove that it will be exactly the same as all the other ones.

Fake as fake can be.



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