And the light goes off

Thanks to Sonia for tweeting me the link to this brilliant xoJane post about blind dates. But it’s not JUST about how no one goes on blind dates anymore (do they??) – what jumped out the most for me is the following:

The problem? The pesky Internet. No one is going on blind dates anymore because 62% of singles research their dates online before meeting them. Which makes sense when I think about the fact that a guy asked me to dinner a few weeks ago while I was having a drink at a bar. I gave him my card, but then he never called. My best guess? He Googled me.  

Okay, well there you have it. Obviously I’m single because any potential date (not that I’ve had any in…a while) can Google me and get to one of maybe five places:

1) This blog, where the name alone is probably off putting enough. But then if they read it -game over!

2) My inane Twitter ramblings in which I mainly post about the following:

  • Ohio State cheating
  • Why the White Sox should resign A.J. Pierzynski
  • Jay Cutler
  • Vegas
  • Why I hate LeBron James
  • that if Mitt Romney gets elected, I am moving to Toronto

3) One of the 8675309 blogs I contribute to where they will undoubtedly realize that when it comes to sports (okay everything) I’m a shrill lunatic.

4) The inane and uninformed field hockey recaps I wrote when interning at Villanova.

5) Something I wrote seven years ago that probably sucks (see #4)

And yes, I am too afraid to Google myself to see what suggestions come up (okay, I just did it, the only thing that comes up is “reva friedel twitter” so that’s not so bad.

If a potential date Googles me and is scared off, well then it wouldn’t have worked anyway.  Gone are the days where I try to be someone else.  It’s me as me or nothing, sorry fellas.  (What is that uproar of cheering I just heard??)



oops I did it again

I’m working on a killer blog post right now but in the interim I have nothing to talk about – so I will leave you with some more nonsense from HeTexted.

This person gets an A+ in Passive Aggression 101:


So now she’s wondering…


We’ve been off and on for almost 11 months and I don’t know if he wants to take it to the next level. He is significantly older than me so we have different life styles so I don’t know how he truly feels
Understandably, there were very few responses to this post because the girl is not the sharpest knife in the drawer.  This response about says it all:

So… you live in a different town & have limited time to spend with your boyfriend and instead of spending that time with him, you chose to hang out with 2 other dudes instead? And you really can’t figure out how he truly feels about it?

He’s mad at you, and he has every right to be. You seem clueless & insensitive. If I was dating someone & he chose to hang out with 2 other girls rather than me, I’d rip him a new asshole. You say he’s older than you, so he probably has no patience with little girls wasting his time with BS like this.

Long distance relationships are hard enough as it is – if you’re not making him/her your priority, then don’t wonder why they’re mad at you.  This is NOT rocket science, people.