A Struggle

I have had a really hard time trying to grasp Friday’s events at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

My cousin and best friend are teachers. My nephew and niece are in the same age range. It’s impossible for me to try to process what happened and I am not even directly effected. My heart aches for those families who lost a loved one. Like, what did a 6-year old child ever do to this shooter? No matter the motive, it will never turn out okay, it will never make sense, it will never hurt less for these families.

Reading about the victims and the teacher who died saving students makes me even sadder. I know there is nothing I can do to lessen the pain for these families, but I wish there was.



The 2nd Best Worst OKCupid Message

My former roommate, recently back on the dating scene, received the following OKCupid message:

If you were my gf I would be honest with you, never cheat, treat u with integrity, show u respect, make u breakfast in bed, buy you dinner, take u to the movies, and so much more. ps and amazing sex even though im white lol.

I don’t understand the use of u vs. you and back to u. And the last sentence is beyond racist. What is WRONG with people?

Porn or Uncle Buck.

Last night, I went to bar trivia with two of my friends. It was kind of last-minute and when I showed up we had all of ten minutes to think of a team name (previous examples: I don’t like you in that way, My couch pulls out but I don’t, Richard Nixon and the Sperm Whales, etc). No one liked anyone else’s suggestion, so we just started chatting. Somehow, the topic of porn came up. Then friend #1 said to me, “I bet John Doe watches porn all the time.”

Now, I am not really privy to JD’s adult viewing activities, however I know they exist. As I then told my friends, for example: this one time, when JD and I were trying to watch a movie, the DVD was not working so he asked me to pick out another one to determine whether or not it was the DVD we were trying to watch or the player. Well, my options were either porn or Uncle Buck. As I’m telling the story, friend #2 perks up and says, “that’s our team name!”

Thus, Porn or Uncle Buck was born, and not only that, we won first place, with the prize being a one hour open bar for 20 people. Which has nothing to do with our team name, but is exciting nonetheless. And the prize was based on us winning trivia, not our team name, though it SHOULD have been for both.

Someone hold me

I think we all know how I feel about Twilight.

So when I saw this earlier today, I thought to myself, “well, we’ve reached the limit of inane ways to try to be the characters in the book, specifically Bella.”

openposttwilightringLike, seriously?

Let’s forget for one moment that the ring is hideous, why is BED, BATH AND BEYOND selling them?

And now Yahoo! has a story about a 24-year old planning her wedding to a FUCKING CARDBOARD CUTOUT OF ROBERT PATTINSON.

Apparently the wedding is part of her thesis, but it’s giving me a giant headache. Although, maybe she’s the smartest person in the world, writing a thesis about how we view female fandom by doing the batshit craziest thing possible and letting us all react accordingly.