It’s too cold and I’m too old


Apparently, it’s too cold to go on dates. I was potentially meeting “Gordon Bombay” for date #2 yesterday but then he texted to say it was “too fucking cold” and we should do it another night. I mean, he’s right, it’s like -20 here, but still. “Too cold” is just another way of saying “not interested.”

I think I need to tweak my first date radar – over the summer I had what I thought was an awesome date with a guy who went on to text me but not ask me out again – I finally had to tell him to not text me unless he planned on asking me out again, and lo and behold, I have not heard from him since.

I used to be legitimately afraid of living alone and being alone. I was afraid I would be lonely and hate being by myself and I’d get bored. Well, none of these things have happened and I love it – and still have the same social life that I did when I had two roommates. So being alone is no longer a fear of mine. And I’d rather be alone than deal with this bullshit:

“Oh, I had a good time on our date, but I’m actually dating four other people and well, I’m just not really willing to commit, until you see me “In a relationship with Skanky McHoebag in about a month and then you’ll realize I actually DIDN’T have a good time and it was you not me.”

I will now leave you with the greatest movie scene of all time (as it pertains to this post, at least):


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