I take offense to that

If you are not one of the 18 million people who have watched this marriage proposal on You Tube, you need to do so immediately:

Okay, now that you’ve seen it, let’s chat.

Katie actually sent me the link because I had recently watched a different proposal using the same song,”Marry You” by Bruno Mars. So, this one was a lot better and I remember asking her, “is that even REAL?” Because it looked TOO perfect.

Well, the couple, Isaac Lamb and Amy Frankel, went on the Today Show, as Katie informed me, so yes, it is very much real. It is really the sweetest story ever – that he thought she deserved a proposal of this magnitude and had upwards of 60 people help him pull it off? Well, that restores my faith in humanity.

After I watched the Today Show video, I was reading the comments, most of which were so fucking rude I want to smack all these people. All these cynical Sallys that are just trolling and should have their humanity cards revoked are one thing. But one particular comment stuck out:

“The bride will be 33? 34? when the average first marriage age for women in the U.S. is about 26. 

For the family it was probably as much relief as joy…..Smile

First of all, FUCK YOU Mr. or Mrs. Insulting. This comment (made by someone called “forbalance”, rendering their gender a mystery) was obviously made by someone who would rather get married out of obligation and social pressure than love. No one who actually understands life would say something like that. Sorry that you’re living in 1950 when the age a person gets married is still relevant to their self worth. Go back in to the fucking delusional and cynical hole you crawled out of, ass-hat.

I seriously take personal offense to that comment – I might never get married at the rate I’m at but I still have a lovely life and no one gives a shit. And shitting all over someone else’s amazingly romantic gesture is the work of a horrible person.

Ugh. Rant over.


3 thoughts on “I take offense to that”

  1. Unfortunately, people put too much emphasis on marriage (and I’m speaking as someone that is happy to be married). Whether the person is married, is getting married, is getting married again or is feeling bad about themselves because they’re not married, it’s all too much. No age is too old to be married. People are living to 115, why get married at 22? Sadly, people try to plan their lives and just fit another person into this picture. But if you go to college and then grad school, you’re at least 25 and you probably want to enjoy a few years without school before settling down. Anyone that puts an age opinion on marriage is simply projecting their own insecurities.

    Personally, I’d much rather hang out and converse with a 30-something year old that’s never been married rather than a 30-something year old that was married at 23. In my experience, the former is much more interesting, well-rounded and just overall cooler.

    Don’t let society’s bullshit declarations get you down, ladies! If the media says it, it’s probably not true.

  2. First of all, yes. I fight a lot of battles where I’m viewed as “less” somehow because I’m not married. “Oh Calee? She can sleep out on the couch. The married couple obviously sleeps in the guest room.” — EVEN THOUGH THEY WERE INVITED SECOND.” I would rather be single until the end of my days than sacrifice my happiness for a plus one to validate me in the eyes of others.

    Second, did you watch their second video? The guy did it showing his family and it made me damn cry into my cereal this morning.

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