Now I’m a Grey’s Anatomy Episode

Do you remember how in Season 2 of Grey’s Anatomy, McDreamy basically calls Meredith a whore even though he has no right to do that because he chose Addison over her and therefore cannot get mad at her for sleeping with lots of inappropriate men?  Here is a refresher:

Angry for no reason? Or at least angry for a reason of which he is unwilling to admit? Well, that’s kind of how I feel right now with B3. I faced the wrath this morning. I was upset because we had plans last night to talk and he blew me off, so when I told him I was upset he kind of unleashed his wrath on me. It devolved fairly quickly, from last week telling me he missed me and we were being a bit flirty over text to him saying this morning that he wants nothing from me, including friendship. But I don’t know why he’s so mad at me since I’m the one who was wholeheartedly rejected. I told him that I would not apologize for falling for him. I am not at all saying I’m not to blame for some of this, what I don’t understand is why of all of sudden he’s so mad at me, and for what reason?

The utter lack of communication is not helping. The texting only is not helping. We’ve only ever had ONE phone conversation. It’s dysfunction junction.

I think it’s time to give up dating and shift my focus back to the book.






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