Facebook: a rabbit hole

You know how sometimes you’re bored and on Facebook so you start stalking people and pretty much figure out that one guy you went on that one date with who said you were so amazing but he wasn’t ready for a relationship is now in one? Well, this is what I have to say about that:

Yes, this would be Bachelor #1, the same Bachelor #1 who told me he was so not ready but that I was so amazing that he would set me up with someone else. Ummm, I am very familiar with the “you’re amazing but…” speech, so kindly shut it.

 It’s not like I am even still interested in B1, it’s just that, like, why all the lies? I think guys would rather cut off their own arm than say, “thanks, but no thanks,” because it would be harder for them but would spare you the 90000 hours of over analyzing whether or not the way you accidentally flung your fork across the restaurant wildly gesturing about a sports call you were unhappy with would be considered a deal breaker.

Don’t get me wrong, girls do it too – we hate to have the uncomfortable convo where we’re all, “I know I seemed interested in you, but I would have made out with a plant that night, sooooooo kthxbye.”

But anyway – in the days before social media, it was harder to find these things out. Now it’s just there for us to see in about ten seconds flat, provided privacy settings don’t get in our way.

I do have a crush on someone, and I feel like I’m 14. It’s complicated because we have a professional relationship, so I can’t pursue it and make it awkward. Cheers to suffering in silence?