That’s disturbing!

First of all, please welcome me back to the land of the living. I was in California for a work conference and basically had no free blogging time.


I saw something VERY disturbing on BuzzFeed earlier today – the ages of all our favorite Disney Princesses!

Let me share with you their very handy little graphic:



Assuming the legal age of consent is 18 (in NH it is 16 but I’m not going down that road – let’s say 18 for simplicity’s sake) – only FOUR of these bitches are even legal!!

Snow White was only 14??? No WONDER she let seven tiny midgets push her around.

Jasmine was only 15?? No WONDER she had such a bad attitude!!

Arial & Aurora were only 16? Well, they got the hottest dudes, but how rude is that? Greedy bitches couldn’t leave the hot guys to marry women who could legally HAVE SEX WITH THEM.

Poor Cinderella was the over-the-hill spinster at 19. I mean…what a message to send. Your life is not complete until a man rescues you! Before you’re 20! After you’ve been poisoned! Or pricked! Or almost drowned! Or kidnapped! Although, I guess Belle wasn’t TECHNICALLY kidnapped, but still being held captive.

I still love Disney movies – I have watched the Little Mermaid recently. And it’s not like I think those messages still resonate. When Snow White was made in the 30’s, it was perfectly normal to get married young and be rescued, so to speak.

Looking at all those ages though is depressing as hell.