what the hell 2000

March 2023. What? How? I last updated this blog in November 2017. I had already stopped making bad decisions at that point so why continue?

Well, I kept it so I can talk about THINGS. What specifically? Great question. My last post on here regarded a diary entry from 1999 that was RIDICULOUS, and I just located said diary so I could remember WTF I was talking about. So, why not continue on this journey?

First, lets watch the intro scene to the controversial movie He’s Just Not That Into You. (I say controversial because I know a shit ton of people hated this movie but if you take it for the basics and face value, it is kind of hilarious.)

I would like to highlight this specifically:

Here’s the problem: He likes you too much. You’re too pretty and too awesome. He can’t handle it.

All the other excuses are equal bullshit, but I’d like to provide this excerpt from my diary from January 17, 2000. (Background: I was talking to my friend Rob* on AOL IM and mentioned I didn’t like The Matrix and his response was that he couldn’t be friends with me as a result.

*not his real name

Couple things:

  1. I had a huge crush on him but he had a huge crush on someone else.
  2. We were not in any position to be dating (geographically and otherwise)
  3. He was probably kidding, but my dumb ass took him for his literal word and flipped out.

Now to the excerpt from my diary:

I hope Dave and Tiff were right – he needed an excuse to not talk to me anymore because he liked me too much.

To everyone in this situation except for Mr. Matrix:

Liking someone too much and as a result using that as an excuse to not talk to them anymore is…not a thing.

Picking up on January 23, 2000:

As for Mr. Matrix, he can’t end what we have over a movie and if he does I hope he realizes he is being stupid.

He can’t end what we have…what we had was NOTHING. We worked together and both had crushes on other people and bonded over that and then at some point I thought having a crush on him might be easier.

It appears my frustration peaked when I got super specific this one day.

At the end of the entry, I channeled my internal Chandler Bing.

Sidebar: My handwriting used to be so legible, now it is LOL.

Spoiler, I wrapped this up in April 2000 and then just didn’t keep a diary but tune in for the next edition of Delusional College Freshman of 2000!