The art of dating, as told by SNL

This video I am trying to embed is not cooperating, but last night SNL did a pretty hilarious skit called the Art of the Encounter.

Dating in the 90s is tricky and hard, isn’t it?

You can watch it here – it’s hilarious.

Melissa McCarthy, of course, is genius. The first thing she says is, “I’m desperate for a man and will do anything to impress you.” SO FUNNY. SO TRUE. How many times have we been at a party roaming around to try and find the single guys and hope that MAYBE one of them will find you attractive enough to talk to you until someone prettier and younger catches his eye and he leaves you standing there with your vodka soda wondering where it all went wrong.

I love this skit because even though it takes place in the 90s, the fundamentals here really haven’t changed. You can dig through the sarcasm to see it.