Advice From a Tree

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I saw this on Facebook today and HAD to share.  Last night I was talking to Courtney about this concept (sort of – bear with me).

It was actually in the context of sports and what I wrote about last week – us taking simple concepts and turning them into 400-page documents consisting of rules, regulations and enough legal jargon to make your head spin.  And also, me trying to be better about not freaking out if my team(s) lose, and this conversation of course occurred when the Cubs were drilling HR after HR against the White Sox and I could barely stomach watching the game.  So, that’s going to be a goal I probably won’t achieve.

So when I saw this photo, I had to share.  The only people who make life so complicated are other people.  If we take a step back and focus on the basics, taking advice from a tree is the way to go (no, really).

Stand Tall And Proud:  Be cool, be confident, be proud of yourself and your achievements (unless you are Jerry Sandusky, in which case I hope a 300-lb man named Bubba makes you his girlfriend in jail and the physical and emotional suffering enacted on you knows no limits, you sick piece of shit).  Wait, where was I?  Oh, right.  Good posture, be confident, and carry on.

Go Out on a Limb:  If I had never asked Tad Hamilton to be my date to Melissa’s wedding, he never would have called me  to cancel 48-hours before he was supposed to fly here.  Going out on that limb was SO worth it.

Remember Your Roots:  To bring back memories of TGIF in the 90s, I think this one is pretty self-explanatory:  Family Matters.

Drink Plenty of Water:  Much healthier than soda!  Which I am currently drinking!

Be Content With Your Natural Beauty:  I hate my nose.  I saw a plastic surgeon in 2008 about a nose job (how I was going to pay for it is beyond me).  I’ve had more than one person tell me I need a nose job (as Stephanie Tanner would say, “HOW RUDE.”).  But, well, what’s the point?  I could pay $10K for a nose job and wind up hating it.  I think just coming to terms with the fact that this is how I look is a healthier approach.

Enjoy the View:  Because no matter where you are, there’s always a good one to be found.


One of the more tedious (yet hilarious) parts of this project is digging through old emails and Google chats so I can round out all my stories, include specific details, and make sure I’m not forgetting anything.  As I was doing that this morning, I came across the following email:

Dan told me that Lindsay told him that Ben told her that at my going away happy hour I told Ben’s friend’s girlfriend that him and Lindsay were dating.

This is like a game of Telephone gone wrong (but with vodka).

First of all – who CARES?  I mean, is this really something I was stressing over?  Erasing the fact that again, WHO CARES, I can’t believe I wasted any time at all worrying about something so asinine.

Even if I did or did not (and I am pretty sure I did not) out Dan & Lindsay’s relationship, they had no reason to keep it a secret.  No one cared.  The real cause of my stress was not wanting either Dan or Lindsay to be pissed at me, which is what I spent the rest of the e-mail stressing over.

This was back when I still wanted everyone to like me no matter what – now realizing that is not possible, I am rereading the email in disbelief.

Things I worried about back then were meaningless.  I try to only let the truly important things stress me out now – for example, emailing Tad Hamilton after I’d had time to process what he did and to say everything I should have said on the phone, but didn’t (because I was sitting in my therapist’s office when I took the call and was also too upset to say ANYTHING).

The last line of his response back to me is like a dagger:  You are fantastic Reva, and if you never talk to me again, my life is worse without you in it.

On the one hand – aww.  But on the other, MUCH BIGGER hand, if that were true, would he really have gotten back together with his ex?  I shouldn’t stress too much about this either — it’s done and over with.  But being less than two weeks removed, I’m still sad, baffled, and upset.

As for Dan and Lindsay?  Well, they never made it as a couple.  They’ve both moved on.  It’s my turn to do the same.