Epic Mind Fuckery

Brought to you by Sex and the City:

Carrie: He said, ‘I miss you, baby.’ Do you think that was meant to be some kind of coded mea culpa?

Miranda: You mean like what he really meant was, ‘I’ve been a complete idiot, please forgive me for having dinner with that other woman.’

Carrie: Exactly.

Miranda: Could be.

Carrie: Well no, because that would mean that everything he ever said that I interpreted as sincere is subject to interpretation, and in that case, what I perceive as his feelings for me may only really be reflected projections of my feelings for him. 

Miranda: What?

What the hell is this bitch talking about?? I love this show, but Carrie’s inane ramblings fueled at least an additional ten years of crazy from the rest of us.




Sex and the City – Season 5 observations

tumblr_mc4gh9nOXl1rvhecao1_500-320x212I am watching Sex and the City (Season 5) right now, and literally think I’ve had this exact conversation with John Doe that Carrie has with Mr. Big when she is in SF for her book signing (with some minor adjustments). Allow me to set the scene – Big is reading excerpts from Carrie’s book, stressing out about his role in the book and how much he’s hurt her in real life. Carrie just wants to get laid. Behold:

Carrie: That was all years ago. Can we please stop talking?

Big: Look, I just don’t want you to get hurt again. (John Doe would never say this – he would say something like, “I don’t want to get bitched out by everyone we know again.”)

Carrie: I won’t, it’s just sex! (“You won’t, it’s my decision!”)

Big: Well, according to this book, it is NOT just sex.

Carrie: What happened in NY was all my fault. I didn’t read the signs. You were unavailable and VERY clear about that. It was all me. Now please – kiss me. Or at least lie on top of me.

Big: Carrie, I think it’s very clear from this book that when it comes to me, you do not have good judgement.

It’s very true, that when it comes to JD, I don’t have good judgement, something he knows and has definitely reminded me of on numerous occasions. We’ll ignore the fact that when the Patriots lost in the AFC Title game a couple of weeks ago he sent word through like eight degrees of separation that he wanted me to ease his pain, so to speak. I did not comply, because I can’t be on this merry-go-round any longer. And also, really? Way to make the effort, dude.

And I’m not actually comparing us to Carrie and Big, but that conversation struck way too close to home.