Vegas, Baby

Even though what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, with me going there in one week for Christmas, I wanted to recap my previous trips – at least the parts that are publishable.

Trip 1: June 2006

Occasion: Bachelorette Party

Hotel: Tropicana

Highlights: Having a 38-year old balding man that I’d be hotter if I lost weight. Having random guys buy us drinks at Ghost Bar. Having a table of men at Ghost Bar invite us to join them while buying us a bottle of $300 champagne. Having to tell the bachelorette they were not inviting us back to our suite to be nice and that we should skedaddle. It was also about 120-degrees the whole time we were there. Even though it was the least amount of fun I’ve ever had there, I still fell in love.

Trip 2: March 2007

Occasion: Moving to Chicago, stopping en route from San Diego

Hotel: the Palms

Highlights: Our room was pretty awesome and trying to watch my mom figure out the penny slots was hilarious. My going away party in San Diego had been the night before so I was fairly hungover. We got to the hotel, gambled for a bit and then went to bed. But it was the most comfortable bed ever.

Trip 3: June 2009

Occasion: Melissa’s 30th birthday

Hotel: Stratosphere (NEVER stay there)

Highlights: Watching Fat Elvis sing. Having a blast. Laughing a ton. Gambling. Sun bathing. SO MUCH FUN.

Trip 4: April 2010

Occasion: Bachelorette Party

Hotel: Mandalay Bay

Highlights: On the plane ride there, having a random dude buy me drinks the whole flight. Playing flip cup by the pool. 85-degree weather. Winning $340 on the slots. Going to a club with an amazing group. Being up until 4am,

Trip 5: December 2010

Occasion: Christmas w/my brother

Hotel: Bally’s

Highlights: Relaxing, low key trip, winning $600 playing black jack and pai gow.

Trip 6: May 2011

Occasion: My 30th birthday

Hotel: MGM Grand

Highlights: Pool time, Ghost Bar, watching the sun rise, being with my amazing friends…have I mentioned that I LOVE VEGAS???