Lying Liars Who Lie

In the wake of the Tad Hamilton fiasco, I am baffled by how many times I have fallen for some sort of asshattery that has made me believe a guy liked me when really all they wanted to do was play with my lady business.  For example, once Mr. Titspervert called me at work after I told him (via text) that I was having a horrible day (but he didn’t want to date me).

Or, the first night I met JigSaw he made all these comments about us going out to dinner and hanging out on his deck, etc (but he is devoid of all human emotion).

Pervy McPerverson claimed he would get me hooked on Survivor (or some similar inane reality show) before we even went on a date (but the date never happened due to his actions at my housewarming party).

Dr. Evil swore up and down that I was amazing but wanted nothing to do with me after a while.  Wait, no, I’m sorry – he wanted to be my rebound but nothing more, and then when it became more, he ran screaming as fast as he could in the other direction.

My point?  I deal with a lot of lying liars who lie, and cannot possibly tell the difference between genuine feelings and dudes just vomiting bullshit at you.  It’s frustrating.

Tad Hamilton was talking about next times – the next time I visit this and that’s, was planning a trip here in September, etc.  How foolish of me to think he liked me!

In the wake of this most recent disaster,  I feel like giving up – for the eleventy billionth time.


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