Allow me to be Debbie Downer for a moment…

My eighth grade science teacher, Mr. Angwin, used to always say to us, “don’t sweat the small stuff.” Consumed by our own petty 13-yr old girl drama, it was impossible to follow such advice. Everything was the end of the world. Saw your crush talking to someone else? End of the world. Didn’t get invited to that sleepover? End of the world. We couldn’t follow his advice because we didn’t know what the small stuff was. Everything was big. Everything was life changing. We didn’t know better.

Now, I know better. I am about to turn 32, and never in a million years did I think I would be both single AND unemployed at 32. Along with recently losing my job, I’ve lost trust in people. People who swore I could always trust them and have acted in ways that indicate the opposite. It’s hard to get past that part. There will be other jobs and, I’m sure, other failures. But losing faith in humanity sucks. When you hear someone say over and over they care about you as a friend, as a person, and then it turns out to not be true, you wonder if you’re entire system is flawed. The system you use to determine who gets inside. It must be flawed when you openly and without question trust those who don’t deserve it, and are afraid to trust those who do.

It sucks but it is life and shit happens. I just hope things turn out okay.


2 thoughts on “Allow me to be Debbie Downer for a moment…”

  1. Allow me to be a Voice of…..well, just a voice, for a moment, Reva…
    First and foremost, your eight grade science teacher…probably should have told you what the small stuff really was.

    But seriously, I am really really sorry for your recent unemployment, not to mention loss of faith in certain people (if I’m reading that correctly). I would like to think that things will be better, but I know that it might also take some time for it to totally be better. (I suppose I speak from a “little” experience, considering I have a “few” years on you). Maybe you aren’t with the right people after all? Maybe meet some new ones out there if possible?? Maybe other changes need to be made???

    With that in mind…

    If you read this before Thursday afternoon (5/23) I will be downtown in Chi-Town with a thousand or so runners/walkers for the annual JP Morgan Chase Corporate Challenge 5K. Not sure if you’d be around but you feel like checking it out, finding me there, hanging out at our company tent, meet a new friend or two, you are more than welcome. You got my contact info from this comment if you wanna do that….well, if you don’t feel like checking that out, you can look at my company’s website ( just to see if there’s anything there for you employment-wise as well.

    Life sucks, but it doesn’t have to…take care out there & happy advanced b-day to you too?!?!?

    1. Thanks so much! I will not be able to make the Corp Challenge, but I will check out the job board and do very much appreciate all your encouragement. Good luck at the race!

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