The NHL is back

Apparently the NHL is back – I say apparently because I haven’t been following the lockout at all. I know hockey fans are pissed off because the commissioner is a jackhole and the league strikes once a decade, if not more often.

I used to LOVE hockey. I think it is required of you if you grow up in the Northeast. After I first saw The Mighty Ducks, I had visions of playing ice hockey because it looked like so much fun. Alas, I never did, but that’s neither here nor there.

My high school’s hockey team won the state title three years in a row (I think, but far too lazy to google it). Okay, I just googled it and I was actually right! 1997-1999. And I remember going to one of the games at UNH. Speaking of UNH, they have a pretty good hockey team every year, but are unfortunately known as the University of No Hardware since they can never quite seal the deal. The team had an epic collapse in the Frozen Four one year, I want to say 2003 maybe.

My friend Susan and I used to go to Manchester Monarchs games all the time. She is a die-hard Sabres fan. I used to follow hockey and it used to be fun. I’m not sure what happened – between my stint at Villanova that spawned my basketball obsession and living in San Diego where hockey doesn’t exist, I lost interest.

The Blackhawks won the Stanley Cup in 2010 and I barely cared. I have yet to go to a game.

We have had far too many lockouts in recent years – NFL, NBA, and now NHL – again. Lockouts piss me off in general – it is millionaires fighting with billionaires over money while league and team employees have to worry about job security through no fault of their own. The collective bargaining agreements are so convoluted I don’t even try to understand them. All I know is that this is always beyond frustrating for the fans. So, even though the NHL is back, below is the only hockey I will be watching anytime soon.


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